Bonuses from BC 1Win - play a bonus for registration from the bookmaker 1Win

Bookmaker's bonus policy 1Win

The BC welcome program is aimed at both regular customers and newly registered ones. Promotional codes and promotions to replenish the bookmaker's account are 1Win especially attractive to new users. Even if you have never bet on sports, you will certainly be interested in receiving a welcome gift from the site. You can increase your deposit up to 4 times. And it is not at all necessary to contribute large amounts to double the deposit.

The most profitable gift from the company can be obtained on the first payment. Bookmaker 1Win increases the deposit to 500% with an amount of up to $3260. The gift automatically goes to the bonus balance in the personal account of the 1Win. Tracks the bonus account at the top right of the screen in the Balance section.

Depending on the currency chosen when registering in this currency, a welcome gift will be credited.

How to get and how to play a bonus in the 1Win?

The bonus balance is replenished only for users who have completely completed the registration and confirmed it. It is the activated account that is one of the main conditions for earning a bonus. That is, when you complete the activation of your personal account and contribute an amount greater than the minimum threshold, there is an automatic accrual of money in accordance with the action.

The bonus account for sports and casino betting is 1Win replenished in the following sequence.

  • The first deposit is an increase of 200% of the payment amount.
  • The second is to receive 150% of the deposit size.
  • The third payment is 100% incentive.
  • The fourth deposit of money is a 50% bonus.

You can get a maximum of $815 in each payment. In total, for all four payments - up to $3260.

After receiving bonus money, you should play it. This is another condition of the program. It is impossible to withdraw the money donated to 1Win without winning it back. Conversion to real money takes place in 100% format. Otherwise, if the game is not fully played, the support service will reject the application.

Important! In case of non-fulfillment of the terms of the game and the formation of an application for withdrawal for the first time, the 1Win administration does not apply any penalties. If the application is re-submitted, then the account is blocked along with the funds entered.

Winning the reward from the bookmaker 1Win

We recommend that you read the full terms of the Welcome Bonus to avoid blocking your 1Win account. The accrued money from the bonus account should be used when betting on ordinars. At the same time, take into account another factor from the rule: the coefficient is at least 3.0. After winning, the deposit of the main account is increased by 5% of the amount of the completed bet. Using this algorithm, you should convert the entire welcome amount to the balance of the main account.

For example, by replenishing the 1Win account in the amount of $165, you will receive $325 to the bonus account. By making an ordinary bet with a coefficient of at least 3.0 and winning, you will receive $8 to the main account. Thus, you need to convert the entire received gift amount.

Terms of the welcome offer from the bookie

Each held promotion has individual conditions. For this reason, before taking advantage of the offer, you should carefully read the conditions for receiving a bonus and winning it. New users receive bonuses if the following loyalty program conditions are met:

  1. You can activate the promotional code to receive a bonus replenishment once when you activate a new personal account. There is no provision for reactivation. Previously, there was a time limit on the activation of the bonus. Currently, the activation of the gift can be carried out both immediately after registration and after a rather long time.
  2. Deposit money must be made in one payment. When entered by different transactions, they will increase in sequence according to the conditions of the action.
  3. There is a restriction on converting bonus money into real money. It is 14 days. The countdown begins immediately after the first transaction and receipt of the welcome gift. If you do not meet the winning deadline, the bonus will disappear.
  4. All types of rates are recorded except for returns and ordinars with a coefficient less than 3.0.
  5. If the bookmaker has doubts about the legality of the user's actions, then the administration has the right to make a request for the provision of player documents.
  6. BC has the right to change the rules of programs at its discretion.

What promotions can registered users participate in?

If you prefer to bet on sports using a smartphone, then you can get a bonus for installing official software. The program is available for both Apple and Android device users. The size of the gift is up to $80.

You can download the application to a mobile device on the main page of the official website of the 1Win or the current working mirror. In the upper right corner of the site there are icons with Android and Apple logos. After selecting the current system, download the software.

Important! Even if there is a system warning about the danger of downloading software from third-party sources, confirm your action. The installation package from the official website is completely secure and antivirus-verified.

Once installed, you can activate the bonus. Activation is also carried out once per account.

It is possible to convert a gift not only by putting on ordinars, but also on express trains. Odds - at least 1.30 for each bet. Having made a successful bet, you receive 6% of the amount of the bet on the main deposit.